LeVine Utilities

Free Utilities All utilities are for Win98, Win2000, and WinXP unless otherwise noted.
!!! New !!! Just added, LiveUpdate can find all your out-of-date utilities and will replace them with the current version.


File: AcopyWin.exe
Version: 1.10
Size: 18k
Description: Copy floppy disks in one pass. This program will work under Win3.1, Win9x, NT/2000 and WinXP.


File: BootClean.exe
Version: 1.12
Size: 72k
Description: Remove all startup programs from the Win.ini, Startup folder and the Registry. They can be put back at a later time. This program is for Win98, Win2000 and XP.


File: Cd-Cat.exe
Version: 2.23
Size: 84k
Description: Catalog all the files on your CD's. This can be useful if you later need to find a certain file or a certain type of file.
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File: Cd-Crc.exe
Version: 1.44
Size: 68k
Description: Compare two CD's to see if the copy is the same. Also will calculate the CRC's for any files or folders.


File: Check.exe
Version: 1.21
Size: 96k
Description:This program will create a check register that you can use to balance your checkbook. You enter the checks and deposits just as you would on the register that comes with your checks. The balances will automatically be calculated. Requires the VB run time library (see below).


File: CheckList.exe
Version: 1.04
Size: 80k
Description: Keep a list of tasks that must be applied to many objects. If you maintain many computers, this is a great way to keep track of what upgrades have been done on each machine.


File: Colors.exe   *** New ***
Version: 2.10
Size: 68k
Description: Choose color values that can be inserted into web documents, C and Basic programs.
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File: DiskFree.exe
Version: 1.12
Size: 56k
Description: Shows the free space on all your drives. This program will work on Win9x and above.


File: DiskInfo.exe
Version: 1.06
Size: 72k
Description: Adds up all your files so you can see how much space is wasted due to large clusters. Graphically shows the distribution of files by size. Works with FAT, FAT32 and NFTS.


File: EnMasse.exe
Version: 2.14
Size: 96k
Description: Change the case, file extensions or file dates for a group of files. Make long names into short names. Rename files using an index number, great for photos. Create a group of folders using an index number. Also backup floppies to your hard drive or any other removable media.
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File: Favorites.exe
Version: 1.24
Size: 92k
Description: This program can be used to create a web page from your Internet Explorer favorites. You can select which favorites will appear on the web page. By supplying a header and a footer file you can control the appearance of the web page. If you use Firefox you can use this program to convert your bookmarks into favorites.
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File: FindDup.exe
Version: 2.01
Size: 76k
Description: Find duplicate files on all your hard drives.


File: FindFolder.exe
Version: 1.12
Size: 64k
Description: Quickly find any folders on any of your hard drives.


File: FolderBackup.exe
Version: 2.02
Size: 76k
Description: Backup selected folders to your network or a Zip drive. You build a list of folders that need to be saved. Each time you run the program it will copy those folders to the drive you select. You can either copy all the files or only the ones that have changed.


File: FolderSync.exe
Version: 1.02
Size: 96k
Description: This program can be used to synchronize folders on a computer, between different computers or between your hard drive and a CD-RW or a flash drive. You can choose to copy or move newer or missing files from one folder to another or to make the folders identical. The synchronize operations will be stored in a list so you can choose one without having to start from scratch.
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File: HexEdit.exe
Version: 1.05
Size: 64k
Description: View or edit a file in hex. Great for looking inside an executable file.


File: HtmlCheck.exe
Version: 1.01
Size: 72k
Description: Check your html documents for errors such as unknown tags, unbalanced tags and unmatched quotes. This program is perfect for the person who creates their own html files from scratch.


File: LiveUpdate.exe   *** Web site has moved - you need this updated version ***
Version: 1.12
Size: 68k
Description: Scans your hard drive for any of the utilities on this page. If they are old versions then the latest version will be downloaded from the Internet. The downloaded utility will replace the old version automatically.


File: MemoryJog.exe
Version: 1.32
Size: 76k
Description: Be reminded of important dates such a birthdays and anniversaries. The program will pop up if a date is within a specified range.


File: SerialPortTester.exe
Version: 1.10
Size: 72k
Description: This program is used for testing devices connected to your serial port. You can send commands to the device and see what kind of response you get.
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File: ShutDown.exe
Version: 1.10
Size: 40k
Description: An icon you can put on your desktop that will shutdown the computer when clicked.


File: Standby.exe   *** New ***
Version: 1.00
Size: 48k
Description: An icon you can put on your desktop that will put your computer in the standby mode (low power). Requires Win2000 or better.


File: TextFind.exe
Version: 1.62
Size: 72k
Description: Find strings in a group of text files. Good way for programmers to search their source code.


File: TreeEdit.exe
Version: 1.36
Size: 80k
Description: Store text information in folders you create. This is a great way to organize all your miscellaneous notes into a hierarchical form for easy retrieval.


File: WinDial.exe
Version: 3.31
Size: 108k
Description:This program can be used to keep phone numbers and addresses of friends. By double clicking you can dial the number using your modem or speakers. The data can be printed so you can carry it with you. Think of it as a poor man's PDA.
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File: WinEdit.exe
Version: 1.47
Size: 104k
Description: ASCII text editor. Works with files greater than 64k.


File: WinPrint.exe
Version: 2.07
Size: 80k
Description: Print Assembly, Pascal or C source code with a left margin and syntax highlighting.

All utilities are written in C++ except where noted. Some are written in Visual Basic and may require you to install the VB 6.0 run time library:
Visual Basic run time library

All utilities are available on an "as is basis". I make no claims that they will work on your system. Use them at your own risk. You are free to use them as you like but remember that I own the rights to them.