© Copyright 2007 Larry LeVine

What the program does:

This program can be used to synchronize folders on a computer, between different computers or between your hard drive and a CD-RW or a flash drive. You can choose to copy or move newer or missing files from one folder to another or to make the folders identical. The synchronize operations will be stored in a list so you can choose one without having to start from scratch.

How to use it:

  1. Create a new sync operation by choosing it from the menu under Setup.

  2. Using the Browse buttons choose the folders you want to synchronize.

  3. Using the Direction button you can choose to copy files from the top folder to the bottom folder (red arrow), bottom folder the top (blue arrow), or copy both ways (both colors).

  4. Next choose whether you want the files copied, moved, or duplicated. Copy means that missing or newer files will be copied in the direction you choose. Move means the files will be deleted from the source disk after the file is successfully copied. Duplicate means that files that are not in the source folder will be deleted from the destination folder and the newer or missing files will be copied to the destination folder.

  5. Choose the level of subfolders you want to synchronize. A 0 means don't look in subfolders. You can go 16 levels deep.

  6. Now press the Scan button. Both folders will be checked to see what files will be affected. A list of the changes will be presented. At this point no files have been moved so you can make changes if this is not what you want. By pressing the Direction button or changing the operation you will see what the results will be. A trash can indicates that the file will be deleted.

  7. When you find the results you want you can start the process by pressing the middle button. It will be labeled with the operation you are about to perform. You are done.

  8. Next time you use the program you can choose a previous sync operation by going to  Setup / Choose previous sync. Select the operation you want and press OK. While you are in this dialog you can select an operation that is no longer needed and press the Delete button to get rid of it.

Using with an MP3 player:

A great way to update your MP3 player is to create a folder on your hard drive that will contain the music you are planning to listen to. Setup a sync operation with this folder on the top and your MP3 player on the bottom. Set the direction arrow to red (down) and the operation to "Duplicate". Now do the sync operation. After you listen to music you can delete it from the folder on your hard drive and add new music to it. When you are ready to update your player just attach it and do a sync.


This program is available on an "as is basis". I make no claims that it will work on your system. Use it at your own risk. You are free to use it as you like but remember that I own the rights to it. See you on the web at