© Copyright 2007 Larry LeVine

What the program does:

This program can be used to catalog all your Cd's and DVD's. Later, when you need to find a file, you can search the catalog to find which disc it's on. Great for music collections.

How to use it:

  1. Use File / New Catalog to create a new catalog file. You can create as many as you want based on the kind of files you are archiving

  2. Insert the first CD or DVD you want to catalog. Use File / Scan new CD to get to the Scan dialog. Here you will give the disc description that will help you identify the disc later. Use the combo box to choose the drive you wish to scan.

  3. When it finishes scanning you can remove the disc and insert the next one. Continue until all your discs are scanned.

  4. When you are looking for a file or folder you will select Find from the menu. You enter the text you are looking for and press OK. When the items are found you can double click them to either copy them to your hard drive or execute (run or view) them from their current location after you insert the disc.

  5. If you click on the disc name you will see a list of all the files on the disc. You can click on the column heading to sort the files by name, date, or folder. Another click and you will get a reverse sort.

  6. If you want to remove a disc from the catalog you can click on it and select File / Delete CD from the menu.

  7. The File / Open All feature will open all the catalogs you have created in the current folder to do a massive search.


This program is available on an "as is basis". I make no claims that it will work on your system. Use it at your own risk. You are free to use it as you like but remember that I own the rights to it. See you on the web at